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Your Trusted Advisor

Our consultants are practitioners with domain experience across multiple industries. Our model ensures senior associates are present throughout the entire engagement, from strategy to delivery.

Our consulting approach is collaborative and unobtrusive ensuring all stakeholders, no matter what level within the organisation, feel engaged and informed.


A Strategic Focus for Changing Times

At the core of any change programme is the need for a clearly defined and articulated strategy. Our experienced team can help express and execute your business strategy in a way that is easily understood by all key stakeholders, be they internal or external

Our Christer + Pling strategy framework and approach is central to this and available to all our clients as a starting point on the journey.


Strategy is about setting yourself apart from the competition. It's not a matter of being better at what you do - it's a matter of being different at what you do.



From Strategy to Delivery

While clearly defining and understanding an organisation’s strategic direction is central to its success, the implementation of that strategy is where issues and difficulties can sometimes arise.

Through the Christer + Pling model of senior associates being engaged from strategy to completion, we ensure a consistent approach between the direction and delivery approach of any business.


Feedback is Critical

At the conclusion of any change initiative – be it strategy formulation or delivery (or both) – at Christer + Pling we believe Post Implementation Reviews are a critical opportunity for organisations to learn from the experience.


This ensures learnings are embedded into the organisation, creating sustainability and ensuring successes can be replicated and pitfalls avoided in future programmes.

Applying Our Solution

Tools and Partnerships to Assist

At Christer + Pling we have developed tools to assist with any change initiative. Be it a new platform implementation, a cloud strategy or a review of HR effectiveness, we have built and utilise bespoke tools that can be customised to suit your organisation. From assessing vendors, to the core skills of your project team, we have the tools and the frameworks to assist.

Likewise, we continue to work closely with technology partners to provide an all-encompassing and seamless business eco-system, providing end-to-end solutions in a dynamic global environment.

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