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Why Choose C+P

Christer + Pling supports organisations to scope, execute and deliver change. We provide experienced consultants with access to market-leading knowledge, ensuring a straightforward and transparent approach. Our focus on technology as the underpinning catalyst of change ensures a focus on an agile, dynamic approach to both strategy and delivery across all facets of an organisation.

From HR to Operations, from Risk & Compliance to Technology, Christer + Pling has the team and the solutions to work with your organisation and your people through these increasingly competitive times.

More About Us

C+P is built on Innovation and Excellence

At Christer + Pling we create tailor-made solutions based on unique company needs. While technology is a major driving force of change and disruption, it is also a driver of opportunity.

This change, if managed with discipline and focus, can lead to greater efficiencies, greater customer experiences and a more engaged and creative work force, while also enhancing the organisation’s risk profile. At C+P we have the experience and understanding to assist with major change and transformation programmes.

Technology itself is not the only aspect of any change initiative: people, processes, frameworks and discipline are all keys to creating order in the chaos.

Our experienced, senior associate model supplemented with our extensive network of project specialists provides a seamless, end-to-end solution for change initiatives of any scale, in any industry.

In the printing world of the early 1900’s, the exclamation mark was often referred to as a “Christer”. In today’s hacker culture, the exclamation mark is often referred to as a "Pling".

At Christer and Pling we are taking organisations from the old - to the new - just as our name suggests.

What Drives Us

Our Vision

At Christer + Pling we aim to deliver seamless, collaborative and authentic strategy and delivery outcomes to our clients within an ethical and efficient framework.  Our vision is to become the leading provider of bespoke strategic delivery outcomes in a market where our senior associates are widely renowned and regarded for their straight-forward and knowledgeable approach to change and transformation in an ever-changing world.


With a focus on ROI, at Christer + Pling our mission is to combine the most effective strategies with the most efficient delivery paths for our clients to deliver on time, to budget and to specification.

Meet the Team

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